IGNOU Passing Marks June 2024? You Need to Know!

IGNOU Passing Marks June 2024? You Need to Know!

Just finished your IGNOU June 2024 exams? Wondering if you scored enough to pass? Don’t sweat it! This guide will break down the minimum passing marks for both Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) programs.

IGNOU Passing Marks June 2024 Exams

  • For UG Programs:
    • Out of 100 marks: You need a minimum of 35 marks to pass the exam.
    • Out of 50 marks: If your exam was out of 50 marks, then 18 marks will ensure you pass.
  • For PG Programs:
    • Out of 100 marks: A minimum of 40 marks is required to pass the exam.
    • Out of 50 marks: For exams with a total of 50 marks, you’ll need to score at least 20 marks.
IGNOU Passing Marks

Remember: IGNOU Passing Marks

  • These are the minimum passing marks. Scoring higher will always be better!
  • Some courses might have practical or project components with separate passing criteria. Check your specific program guidelines for details.

By following these tips, you can create a helpful and informative article that will be easily found by students searching for IGNOU passing marks for the June 2024 exams.


Now that you know the minimum passing marks, focus on the bigger picture! Keep striving for excellence in your studies. Remember, IGNOU offers opportunities to reappear for exams if needed. Stay positive, and good luck with your IGNOU academic journey!

FAQs: IGNOU June 2024 Passing Marks

Q: Are these passing marks the same for all IGNOU programs?

A: Generally, yes. The minimum passing marks mentioned (35 for UG, 40 for PG out of 100 marks) apply to most IGNOU programs. However, it’s always recommended to double-check your specific program guide for any variations. Some courses might have separate passing criteria for practical or project components.

Q: I scored exactly the minimum marks. Did I pass?

A: Yes, congratulations! Scoring the minimum marks (35/100 for UG, 40/100 for PG) or higher signifies you’ve passed the exam.

Q: What if I failed an exam? Can I reappear?

A: Absolutely! IGNOU allows students to reappear for failed exams in subsequent terms. You’ll need to fill out the exam form and pay the applicable fees.

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