IGNOU Grade Card Update Check Marks & Assignment Check Now

IGNOU Grade Card Update Check Marks & Assignment Check Now

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) grade card is a vital document for students. It reflects your academic performance across various courses in your chosen program. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to effectively check your IGNOU grade card for marks and assignment status.

IGNOU Grade Card

What the IGNOU Grade Card Reveals

The IGNOU grade card provides a comprehensive breakdown of your academic performance. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Course Codes: Unique identifiers for each course you’re enrolled in.
  • Marks Obtained: Details your marks secured in assignments, practical exams (if applicable), and theory papers.
  • Assignment Status: An indicator specifying whether your assignments have been submitted and evaluated.
  • Grade: The overall grade awarded for each course, based on your performance in all evaluation components.
  • Grade Card Status: An overall status indicating if the grade card is final or provisional.

Accessing Your IGNOU Grade Card

Thankfully, checking your IGNOU grade card is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the official IGNOU website: http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/results/2
  2. Navigate to the Student Portal or the dedicated Grade Card link.
  3. Enter your enrollment number and program name.
  4. You’ll be able to view your grade card on the screen and download it for your records.

Tips for Staying Updated

  • Regular Checking: Make a habit of checking the IGNOU website periodically for updates on grade card releases.
  • Specific Term/Program: When searching for your grade card, use keywords like “IGNOU grade card,” “IGNOU marks update,” or “IGNOU result for [Term] [Year]” along with your specific program name (e.g., “IGNOU December 2023 grade card for BCA”).
  • News and Announcements: Keep an eye on the IGNOU website’s news and announcements section for official updates regarding grade card releases.

Understanding Assignment Status

The grade card might not explicitly mention “submitted” or “not submitted” for assignments. However, you can often gauge their status by the presence or absence of assignment marks.

  • Marks Present: If marks are reflected for assignments, it’s likely they were submitted and evaluated.
  • Marks Absent: An absence of assignment marks could indicate pending submission or evaluation.

Remember: If you have any concerns regarding missing marks or assignment status, it’s advisable to contact your regional IGNOU center for clarification.

By following these steps and maintaining vigilance, you can stay informed about your academic progress at IGNOU and ensure you have a clear understanding of your grades and assignment evaluations.

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Checking your IGNOU grade card and assignment status is crucial for monitoring your academic progress and identifying areas for improvement. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge and resources to effectively navigate the process. Remember, staying updated and proactive will ensure a smooth and successful academic journey at IGNOU.


Q: When will the IGNOU June TEE 2024 grade cards be released?

A: The official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, based on past trends, IGNOU typically releases grade cards 2-4 months after exams conclude. Considering the June TEE was held from June 15th to June 30th, 2024, you can expect the results to be declared sometime between August and October 2024.

Q: How can I check the status of my IGNOU grade card?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated feature to check the status of your grade card issuance. However, you can keep an eye on the IGNOU website’s results section or news and announcements for updates on grade card releases.

Q: My grade card shows marks for some courses but not others. What does that mean?

A: This could indicate a few possibilities. It might signify a delay in evaluation for some courses. Alternatively, there could be missing submissions from your end that haven’t been factored into the grades yet.

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