IGNOU Passing Marks 2024 You Need to Know

IGNOU Passing Marks 2024 You Need to Know

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a popular choice for students seeking a flexible and accessible education. But with its unique evaluation system, understanding IGNOU passing marks can be a bit tricky. This guide will simplify things for you!

Types of Programmes, Different IGNOU Passing Marks 2024

IGNOU offers various programmes, each with its own passing criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degrees (BA, BSc, BCom., etc.): The minimum passing mark is generally 35%. However, for some programs like BA, it might be 40%.
  • Master’s Degrees (MA, MSc, MCom., etc.): Here, the minimum passing mark is 40%.
  • Diploma Courses: Similar to Master’s degrees, diploma courses also require a minimum of 40%.

Important Note: These are the minimum marks. To ensure a smooth academic journey, aiming for a consistently good score is recommended.

Beyond Minimums: IGNOU Passing Marks 2024 Grading System

While the minimum passing marks get you by, IGNOU follows a grading system that reflects your overall performance:

IGNOU Passing Marks 2024
  • A Grade (80% and above): Excellent
  • B Grade (60% to 79%): Very Good
  • C Grade (50% to 59%): Good
  • D Grade (40% to 49%): Pass
  • E Grade (35% to 39%): Pass (For UG only)

Remember, a good grade can improve your chances for higher education or employment opportunities.

How are IGNOU Marks Calculated?

IGNOU combines marks from various assessments to determine your final grade. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Theory Examination (70% weightage): This is the main exam you take at the end of the semester.
  • Assignments (30% weightage): IGNOU emphasizes assignments, so take them seriously!

Pro Tip: Each programme might have a slightly different weightage distribution. Consult your course prospectus for specifics.

The Final Takeaway: Aim for Success

While understanding IGNOU passing marks is crucial, focus on exceeding the minimums. By strategically preparing for exams and assignments, you can achieve a good grade, paving the way for a bright academic future.


Understanding IGNOU passing marks is just the first step. By setting your sights beyond the minimums and dedicating yourself to consistent preparation, you can conquer your exams and IGNOU courses. Remember, good grades open doors to higher education and better career prospects. So, utilize the study material, participate in discussions, and strive for excellence. With focus and determination, you can ace your IGNOU journey!


Q: What is the minimum passing mark for a Bachelor’s degree in IGNOU?

A: The minimum passing mark is generally 35%, though for some programs like BA, it might be 40%.

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for a Master’s degree and Diploma in IGNOU?

A: Both Master’s degrees and Diploma courses require a minimum of 40% to pass.

Q: Do I need to get good grades in every course?

A: No, but aiming for a consistently good score is recommended. A good overall grade point average (GPA) can benefit you in higher education or job applications.

Q: How are final marks calculated in IGNOU?

A: IGNOU combines marks from theory exams (usually 70% weightage) and assignments (usually 30% weightage) to determine your final grade. The weightage might vary slightly depending on the program.

Q: What if I fail a course? Can I reappear for the exam?

A: Yes, you can reappear for the exam in any subsequent semester to clear the course. There’s no need to resubmit assignments you’ve already submitted, as their marks will carry forward.

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