IGNOU Exam Form June 2024 Late Fee Looming? Here’s How to Navigate the Deadline Maze!

IGNOU Exam Form June 2024 Late Fee Looming? Here’s How to Navigate the Deadline Maze!

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a renowned institution offering distance education programs across India. One of the significant events in the academic calendar of IGNOU students is the Term-End Examination (TEE), which is held twice a year in June and December. To appear in these examinations, students must submit their exam forms within the specified deadlines.

IGNOU Exam Form

IGNOU Exam Form

Submitting exam forms on time is crucial for IGNOU students to ensure their eligibility for the Term-End Examination (TEE) and avoid any complications or penalties.

Understanding IGNOU Term-End Examination (TEE)

IGNOU, established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, is the largest open university in the world. The Term-End Examination is the final assessment conducted by IGNOU for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered through distance education.

Importance of Submitting IGNOU Exam Form on Time

Timely submission of exam forms is essential for students to:

  • Maintain eligibility for appearing in exams
  • Avoid late fees and penalties
  • Ensure smooth processing of exam forms by the university.

Last Date for Submitting IGNOU Exam Form for June 2024 TEE

For the June 2024 Term-End Examination (TEE), the last date to submit the exam form without a late fee is before the specified deadline. However, for those who miss this deadline, there is an opportunity to submit the form with a late fee.


Consequences of Late Submission

Failure to submit the exam form by the prescribed deadline can lead to:

  • Ineligibility for appearing in exams
  • Delay in academic progress
  • Financial loss due to late fee charges.

Late Fee Details

Students who miss the regular submission deadline can still submit their exam forms by paying a late fee of ₹1100, in addition to the regular exam fee of ₹200 per theory course.

How to Submit IGNOU Exam Form

Students can submit their exam forms through both online and offline modes, depending on their convenience and accessibility.

Tips for Smooth Submission Process

To ensure a hassle-free submission process, students should:

  • Plan ahead and avoid last-minute rushes
  • Double-check the filled-in form for accuracy
  • Keep track of deadlines to avoid missing them.


Timely submission of the IGNOU exam form is imperative for students to avoid complications and ensure a smooth examination process. By adhering to deadlines and following the prescribed procedures, students can minimize stress and focus on their academic preparation.


  1. What happens if I miss the deadline for submitting the exam form? If you miss the deadline, you can still submit the form with a late fee before the specified late fee deadline.
  2. Can I submit the exam form after the late fee deadline? No, the late fee deadline is the final opportunity for submitting the exam form.
  3. Is the late fee refundable if I decide not to appear for the exam? No, the late fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether you appear for the exam or not.
  4. Can I submit the exam form through any IGNOU study center? Yes, you can submit the exam form through any authorized IGNOU study center.
  5. How can I ensure that my exam form submission is successful? Ensure that you fill in all the required details accurately and make the payment of fees, if applicable, within the specified deadlines.

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