IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date: Everything You Need to Know!

IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date: Everything You Need to Know

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) student preparing to submit your assignments? Understanding the assignment submission process is crucial for ensuring timely completion of your academic requirements. This article provides a comprehensive guide to IGNOU assignment submission, covering everything you need to know to successfully submit your assignments and excel in your studies.

IGNOU Assignment Submission

Recent Extension Assignmnent 2024

There was a recent extension for IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date for the June 2024 TEE. The last date to submit assignments (both hard copy and soft copy) was April 30, 2024.

1. Understanding Assignment Guidelines: Before starting your assignments, carefully read the assignment guidelines provided by IGNOU for your respective courses. Pay attention to instructions regarding formatting, word count, referencing style, and submission deadlines.

2. Completing Assignments: Dedicate sufficient time to research and complete your assignments. Ensure that you understand the questions and provide well-structured answers supported by relevant information. Adhere to academic integrity principles by avoiding plagiarism and citing sources properly.

3. Formatting and Presentation: Format your assignments according to the guidelines provided by IGNOU. Use appropriate font size and style, maintain proper margins, and include a cover page with essential details such as your name, enrollment number, course code, and assignment title.

4. Submission Methods: IGNOU offers multiple methods for assignment submission, including online and offline options. You can submit your assignments online through the eGyankosh portal or offline by mail or in person at your regional IGNOU study center.

5. Online Submission through eGyankosh: To submit your assignments online, log in to the eGyankosh portal using your credentials. Navigate to the “Assignment Submission” section, upload your completed assignments as per the instructions provided, and confirm the submission.

6. Offline Submission: If you prefer offline submission, print out your completed assignments and attach a cover page with the necessary details. Submit the printed assignments in person or by mail to your regional IGNOU study center before the specified deadline.

7. Submission Deadlines: Adhere to the assignment submission deadlines specified by IGNOU. IGNOU Assignment Submission Late submissions may incur penalties, affecting your grades. Plan your schedule effectively to ensure timely completion and submission of assignments.

8. Confirmation of Submission: After submitting your assignments, ensure that you receive confirmation of submission. For online submissions, you may receive a confirmation email or notification on the eGyankosh portal. For offline submissions, retain proof of submission such as a stamped receipt or acknowledgment.

9. Tracking Assignment Status: You can track the status of your submitted assignments online through the eGyankosh portal. Check for updates regarding assignment evaluation, grades, and feedback provided by your course instructors.

10. Re-submission or Re-evaluation: In case your assignments are not accepted or receive lower grades, IGNOU provides provisions for re-submission or re-evaluation. Follow the prescribed procedures and deadlines for requesting re-submission or re-evaluation of your assignments.

By following these guidelines and procedures, you can ensure a smooth and successful assignment submission process at IGNOU. Remember to stay organized, adhere to deadlines, and seek assistance from your course instructors or IGNOU support services if needed. Best of luck with your assignments and academic pursuits!


IGNOU assignment submission process is essential for every student’s academic success. By following the comprehensive guide outlined in this article, you can effectively complete and submit your assignments, ensuring adherence to guidelines and deadlines set by the university.

Remember to thoroughly understand the assignment requirements, maintain academic integrity, and utilize the available submission methods, whether online through the eGyankosh portal or offline at your regional IGNOU study center. Timely submission, proper formatting, and tracking assignment status are crucial aspects to consider throughout the process. Additionally, be proactive in seeking assistance if you encounter any challenges or require clarification. With diligence and adherence to the provided guidelines, you can excel in your studies and achieve your academic goals at IGNOU. Best wishes for your assignment submissions and academic journey ahead!


1. Can I submit my IGNOU assignments online?

  • Yes, IGNOU offers online assignment submission options through the eGyankosh portal. Students can upload their completed assignments as per the provided instructions.

2. Are there specific formatting requirements for IGNOU assignments?

  • Yes, IGNOU provides guidelines for formatting assignments, including font size, style, margins, and cover page details. Students should carefully adhere to these formatting requirements.

3. How can I track the status of my submitted assignments?

  • Students can track the status of their submitted assignments online through the eGyankosh portal. Updates regarding assignment evaluation, grades, and feedback are available for viewing.

4. What should I do if I miss the assignment submission deadline?

  • It’s crucial to adhere to assignment submission deadlines set by IGNOU. Late submissions may incur penalties, affecting grades. If you miss the deadline, contact your course instructor or IGNOU support services for guidance on next steps.

5. Can I submit my IGNOU assignments offline?

  • Yes, students have the option to submit their IGNOU assignments offline by printing out completed assignments and submitting them in person or by mail to their regional IGNOU study center.

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