IGNOU TEE June 2024 Exam Important Instructions for Students

IGNOU TEE June 2024 Exam Important Instructions for Students

Students appearing for the IGNOU TEE June 2024 examination must carefully review the following instructions:

IGNOU TEE June 2024

Enrollment Number & Exam Centre Code:

  • Write your enrollment number clearly on the answer sheet.
  • A mistake in enrollment number can lead to withheld results.
  • If your enrollment number is 9 digits, leave the last bracket blank (do not add a zero).
  • Follow the same format for the Examination Centre Code.

Answer Sheet: IGNOU TEE June 2024

  • Rough sheets are not provided. Write within the designated space and avoid leaving blank pages.
  • If a page is left blank by mistake, write “PTO” on it.

Attendance Sheet: IGNOU TEE June 2024

  • Sign the attendance sheet in the designated space during the exam.
  • Missing or incorrect signatures can lead to being marked absent.

Admit Card:

  • Only appear for exams mentioned in your admit card.

Verification and Submission:

  • Before submitting your answer sheet, ensure your signature, the invigilator’s signature, and the exam center stamp are all present.

Exam Venue:

  • Appearing at a different exam center than the one mentioned on your admit card will lead to withheld results.

Students with Disabilities: IGNOU TEE June 2024

Valid ID:

  • Carry a valid IGNOU ID card or a valid government photo ID card as proof of identity.

Mobile Phones:

  • Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited in the exam hall.

Language of Examination:

  • Answer questions in the program’s language. Hindi is allowed for all programs, regardless of registration language.
  • Answers in other regional languages will not be evaluated.

Objective Type Exams:

  • The following courses will be objective type (multiple choice) on OMR sheets:
    • PCO01
    • BSHF101
    • FST01
    • BLI011
    • BLII012
    • BLI013
    • BLII014
    • BAVAE181

Course Specific Exam Modes:

  • BNS041 and BNS042 exams under the CCH program will be conducted in descriptive mode only.

Change of Exam Date/Session:

  • Requests to change the exam date or session will not be accepted for courses from the same group, backlog courses, courses from different programs, or MP courses from different specializations.

Practical/Lab Exams:

  • Students registered for practical/lab courses (excluding BLIS) should contact their regional center for exam venue and schedule.

Entry to Exam Hall:

  • Entry into the exam hall closes 15 minutes after question paper distribution. The center superintendent may allow a delay of up to 30 minutes for genuine reasons.

Leaving the Exam Hall:

  • Students cannot leave the exam hall or take the question paper with them before the exam duration is complete (minimum one hour).

Hall Ticket Validity:

  • The hall ticket is valid only if the program validity is not over, including the re-admission period (if applicable), and the filled-in course codes are opted/registered courses.

Important Reminders

  • Do not remove the answer sheet from the exam center.
  • Impersonation is a serious offense and will be reported to the police.
  • Keep a copy of your hall ticket/admit card for future reference.
  • Project/assignment and practical marks will be uploaded with the TEE June 2024 exam results in the grade card.


In conclusion, carefully review these IGNOU TEE June 2024 exam instructions to ensure a smooth exam experience. By following these guidelines, you can avoid mistakes and focus on delivering your best performance. Remember to bring your admit card, valid ID, and writing materials. Best of luck in your exams!


  • Q: What if I make a mistake in writing my enrollment number?
    • A: A mistake can lead to withheld results. Write carefully and ensure all digits are correct. If your enrollment number is 9 digits, leave the last bracket blank (don’t add a zero).
  • Q: Where do I find the Examination Centre Code?
    • A: The code will be on your admit card. Write it in the designated space on the answer sheet following the same format as your enrollment number.
  • Q: Can I use rough sheets during the exam?
    • A: No, rough sheets are not provided. Write neatly and manage your space effectively within the answer booklet.
  • Q: What happens if I accidentally leave a page blank?
    • A: Write “PTO” on the blank page to indicate there’s more content on the next page.
  • Q: I forgot to sign the attendance sheet. What should I do?
    • A: Missing your signature can lead to being marked absent. If you forget, politely bring it to the invigilator’s attention immediately.

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