IGNOU Revaluation December 2023 (New) – Check Now

IGNOU Revaluation December 2023 (New) – Check Now

IGNOU December 2023 exam results deserve another look? You’re not alone! The university’s revaluation process allows students to request a fresh evaluation of their answer scripts.

What is Revaluation?

Revaluation is the process of having your exam answer script re-marked by a different examiner. This can be helpful if you believe your original marks were unfairly low or if there were errors in the marking process.

IGNOU Revaluation

Who Can Apply for IGNOU Revaluation?

Any IGNOU student who took the December 2023 TEE can apply for revaluation, irrespective of their initial score.

How to Apply for IGNOU Revaluation

The application process for IGNOU December 2023 TEE revaluation is entirely online. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the official IGNOU website: http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone/results/5
  2. Navigate to the “Student Zone” section.
  3. Click on “Results” and then “Revaluation.”
  4. Select “Revaluation December 2023 (New)” from the available options.
  5. You’ll be redirected to a login page. Enter your enrolment number and proceed.
  6. Carefully review the list of subjects you’re eligible for revaluation and choose the ones you wish to apply for.
  7. Pay the required fee for each subject electronically.
  8. Submit your application and retain a copy for reference.

Important Dates

Unfortunately, the application window for IGNOU December 2023 TEE revaluation has likely closed by now (June 24, 2024). The application period typically starts in February and closes a few weeks after. However, you can keep yourself updated about future revaluation deadlines by checking the IGNOU website regularly.

IGNOU Revaluation Results

The revaluation results for IGNOU December 2023 TEE are usually declared within a few months of the application deadline. You can check your results by following the same steps mentioned for applying for revaluation and selecting “Revaluation Results – December 2023.”

Additional Tips

  • Gather Evidence: If you believe there’s a strong case for revaluation (e.g., marking inconsistencies), consider gathering evidence to support your claim. This could include highlighting specific questions or sections where you believe proper marks weren’t awarded.
  • Review the Revaluation Process: IGNOU’s website likely has a detailed explanation of the revaluation procedure. Familiarize yourself with the process before applying.
  • Keep Records: Maintain copies of your application form, fee payment receipts, and any communication with IGNOU regarding your revaluation request.

By following these steps and staying informed, you can ensure a smooth revaluation process for your IGNOU December 2023 TEE exams. Remember, revaluation is a chance to get the recognition you deserve for your academic efforts.


While the application window for IGNOU December 2023 TEE revaluation might be closed, this guide equips you for future instances. Revaluation can be a valuable tool to rectify potential errors in marking and ensure your hard work is accurately reflected in your grades. Remember to stay updated on IGNOU’s website for upcoming revaluation deadlines and act promptly when the opportunity arises. Don’t hesitate to utilize the revaluation process if you believe your December 2023 exam results deserve another look.


1. Is revaluation still available for the December 2023 TEE?

Most likely not, considering today’s date is June 24, 2024. Revaluation applications typically open in February and close within a few weeks.

2. How can I find out about future revaluation deadlines?

Keep an eye on the IGNOU website, specifically the “Student Zone” section under “Results” and then “Revaluation.” Announcements regarding deadlines and upcoming revaluation windows are often posted there.

3. What are the charges for revaluation per subject?

The specific fee for revaluation can vary depending on the program and course. It’s best to check the official IGNOU website or contact your regional center for the latest fee structure.

4. Can I apply for revaluation of practical exams or project work?

Unfortunately, revaluation is generally only available for theory exam answer scripts.

5. How long does it take to receive revaluation results?

The processing time for revaluation results can vary, but it typically takes a few months after the application deadline closes.

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